Cape Breton Realty is licensed Real Estate Brokerage in Nova Scotia.

Our sales Associates are highly qualified, and educated to ensure that our standard of service provided is of the best quality. We are highly selective of our professionals who represent our brand. No matter what level of experienece or production, each Realtor must attend our company training each year, insuring we have a standard of service, second to none.

Cape Breton Realty is a Common Law Agency, meaning we are a team of Realtors working together. When you hire one associate in the office, you have hired all of us!
As Realtors in Nova Scotia, we are highly regulated, educated specialists in our field, that work with buyers and sellers throughout a real estate transaction. Honesty, integrety and transparency are of great importance throughout a transaction. We are regualted by the NS Real Estate Commission, which is in place to protect the public. We work within the rules of our province as licensed Realtors.

It is illegal to work as a realtor in Nova Scotia, unless licensed throughthe NS Real Estate Commission . Licensed Realtors, follow a strict code of ethics. At Cape Breton Realty, whether you are a customer or a client, the Cape Breton Realty team will treat you fairly, answering all your questioins accurately and honestly, explaining all terms and practices, as well as provide and explain forms, identify and estimate costs involved in the transaction, prepare all offers and counter offers as per your instruction, and present all written offers.

Realtors can help you buying or selling. Local experience is a great asset when it comes to knowing neighbourhoods, values, and localism, that you may or may not know as a new comer. Even if you are familar with the market, a Realtor will advice you on price or provide comparable sales to use for comparing pricing.

Working With the Real Estate Industry will help you understand your relationship with industry members.