Whether your looking for full service or partial services to buy and/or sell your property, let one of our experienced Realtors guide you through the process.Fee for Services

Our Commission rates are negotiable.
Discount packages available for marketing!

Full Service, (commissions paid on closing):
The Full Service Conventional Structure of Real Estate Marketing and Sales gives the home owner the benift of being listed on your local boards MLS system plus other marketing venues. Plus we look after the sale as well. We basically market, and show the property, negotiate the transaction, and look after assist in paperwork, follow up on conditions, while working with the other professionals involved throughout the entire transaction.
We agressively market your property through local advertising, world wide advertising, in one or two languages, while cooperating and paying out a generous selling commission to cooperating Realtors.
Depending on where the property is located, and the cost of advertising and work, and number of agents involved,liablity, etc, rates can vary from 6-10 percent, generally half of which goes to the selling brokerage. Included in this service, we will assist you in deal with inspectors, lawyers, bankers, refer you to various other professional, and look after you best interest at all times, while working to get you the best possible price for your property.

New Marketing Packages
As of March, 2010 we have a new structure available to list your property "for sale" with our company. Canada Real Estate Association`s new rules, mean we can now offer various services for a fee. This does not cover everything the conventional method did, but you can now hire a Realtor to complete only the services you require assistance with.
The MLS system, or mls.ca is one of the best marketing tools available, and now you can hire us to advertise your property while not necessarily using a Realtor for the entire process. If you want to market your property yourself, and save the real estate commissions, there are various packages available, allowing you to purchase the marketing tools you want to use, while not paying for the others. We call this Fee for Services. Pay only for what you want to use.

4 New Marketing Options Available with up front fees.
Sign up for one one of these package, and take advantage of MLS.CA, a professional marketing package, and a Realtor`s coaching with pricing and marketing.

All Commissions are negotiable and may be upgraded as your transaction progresses. Determine your best marketing and selling goals with a Professional Realtor. Call us today.

Negotiate your sale. You only pay for the services you require. Perhaps you have already got a buyer for your property, but you need a Realtor to guide you through the paperwork, dealing with lawyers, inspectors, bankers, surveyors, etc. We are here to help. Contact us and we will explain the process, and how we can assist you to complete the deal in a timely fashion. Rates will vary depending on the services required.

With any of these packages you can upgrade at any time.
Options to extend or expand these packages is available through your agent.
Speak to an agent about various fee for services options.

This can also be on a fee for service bases, based on a percent of the the final price or a set price. This can include dealing with the lawyers, inspectors, banks and insurance companies on your behalf, being present for home inspections,final inspections, and more.
Speak to an agent to determine your best options.

At Cape Breton Realty, it is our goal to work with you , while working with other professionals, cooperatively, to make your real estate sale or purchase as smooth of a transaction as possible, while achieving the best possible price for you.