Deed Tranfer Tax, Assessments, Public Sale Prices are all available on government websites.

Deed Transfer Tax in Nova Scotia
Each town and county has different deed transfer taxes. The rate ranges from .5% to 1.5%. For a complete list of rates in each town and county in Nova Scotia, check out this provincial site or ask your agent for details.
Deed Transfer Tax is paid when your lawyer registers your deed. It is part of your closing costs. There are several additional closing costs:
the cost to register documents including deeds and mortgages, right of ways, easements, etc.,
Title Insurance,
Legal fees and dispursements,
Property insurance,
Property tax, fuel, and betterment adjustment,
Accounting fees and property gain taxes.
See closing costs tab under resources for more details.

To access assessment account information or historical sales data, the provincial assessment site will lead you to the information you are requesting. Whether you want sale prices, or assessments of properties you are interested in, or properties neighbouring your property, this provincial site will guide you to the information. If you need help, your Cape Breton Realty Agent is here for you. We help you throughout the process, helping making your purchase and sale run smoothly.